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39 Tanza Road, Hampstead, London, around 1975.

This photo taken outside, not all the inhabitants of 39 Tanza road, are here, (click on thumbnail for larger image), apologies for all the names I've forgotten, please use contact page below to add any info.

Inhabitants of 39 Tanza Road London NW3 1975

This photo was taken by one of the South Africans, around 1975, the house was occupied for some years, myself (Paul Denyer) third left in photo, lived in the ground floor flat with (variously), Peter Storey, he's closest to door, Chris, next to me lying on the ground. Ken Ellis missing, also missing, the two girls from the front room, Ro Alcott, and ...........

Also missing: Maggie Lastovska (I think that spelling is correct), she used to work for Bales Travel (or Bales Tours). One of my favourite memories of her: she walked into the lounge room after work, threw her bag on the chair and said grumpily; "Another f***ing trip down the Nile". In all fairness, she had escorted quite a few tour groups there.... Updated Feb 2017

Other flats in the house; Tom is the Canadian, second from left, with his sister (far left) The couple with the baby on the far right were American, Wayne (I think) and .......

Inset photo is Brianna Currie-Wood, SA again, she shared with lots of others in this photo, her roommate was the girl almost next to Chris.

I'll update this list as I remember names, or, as people e-mail me,
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April 2002 Found a link to the local pubs around Hampstead, The Magdala was our closest, But, it's now a restaurant, very sad, I hope the bullet hole has been left in the facade (Ruth Ellis and her pistol).

April 2002 A little of the history of Tanza Road. www.camden.gov.uk/planning/conservation/statements/South_Hill_Park.pdf (it's a PDF file) (SORRY THIS SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN MOVED, but I've left it for posterity!)